Learn To Skydive!


Feel like having a NEW EXPERIENCE ? Skydiving is one of the worlds most exciting and challenging sports out there. Feel the wind rush past you as you manoeuvre your body and control your speed & direction during free-fall, then steer your parachute down to the landing area.

In one week you can learn how to skydive solo and obtain an internationally accredited A License allowing you to skydive solo around the world, with our holistic and comprehensive introduction to the sport of skydiving .

So many of our happy students say that learning to skydive is the best thing they have ever done. After learning to jump out of an Aeroplane solo you will have the confidence to tackle almost anything life throws at you.


Accelerated Freefall Courses (AFF)

Airlie Beach Skydivers run AFF learn to Skydive courses and you will not find a better price to learn to skydive in Australia. So why wait ! Call now on 1300 SKYDIVE.

Learn to skydive courses can qualify for your international skydive licence in as little as a week.

We have just completely upgraded all our AFF student equipment to the most advanced parachute system in the world today, train on the same equipment that experienced skydivers use for a fast track to your international skydiving license.

If you just want to do a single Solo Skydive that's OK. You just do the first stage of the AFF course, Stage 1. If you decide you really like jumping out of perfectly good aeroplanes then you simply continue the rest of the AFF course stages 2-9.

Each jump is a simply 20 minute briefing followed by a skydive from up to 14,000ft

Once you have completed your 1 days ground training we skydive 7 days a week so you can complete your training.

Stage 1 AFF

Best value and price in Sydney at the closest full service skydiving centre to Sydney.



We offer full international A Licence skydive training courses starting every week, learn to skydive in as little as one week full time or learn part time.

From $2,495


Airlie Beach Skydivers is one of  the most stunning places in the world to learn to skydive.